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About "Ural-Alp"

The founder of "Ural-Alp" - Victor Kozlov, a physicist, a micromechanic, the inventor of various equipment and unique devices for Aircraft Industry and Medicine. Being a master of sports in climbing, in Soviet times he started inventing various climbing equipment for himself and his friends. In particular, the first device - basic ascender Kapelka was created in 1975 and patented in 1980.

In 1990 "Ural Alp" company was founded. It has already been producing high quality climbing equipment for 30 years.

The products stamped Ural-Alp and Kozlov Design are well-known among alpinists worldwide.

The companys advantages are the following:

- Own patented engineering designs;

- Unique manufacturing facilities;

- Titanium alloys, used for equipment production, were specially designed for Aircraft Industry;

- All equipment is tested by leading Russian alpinists and modified if necessary;

Recent invention of Ural-Alp- rescuing device Spas-Ural is made for rescuing people from multistorey buildings on fire. This device is created in collaboration with professional rescuers. Its certified and approved by Russian Emergency Ministry as individual life-saving device.

Weve been working for you

since 1991

Ural-Alp brand is

well-known among

alpinists worldwide

We use high - quality alloys and coatings designed for Aircraft industry

Own unique engineering


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